Modern Age Renaissance: Unusual Art Forms That Are Capturing Public Imagination

Art can be found almost everywhere nowadays. Thanks to the Internet, we have access to digital images of practically every classic and contemporary piece of art at our fingertips. This has, to a degree, made most of today’s youth jaded towards fine art, particularly of the classic era. To them, it’s old, outdated, and probably somewhat boring. Not all is lost, however!

Newer forms of art have been popping up around the world that, due to their unusual nature have caught the world’s attention, especially that of the youth. While these non-traditional art forms are often belittled or even shunned by the more traditional critics, there’s no denying these art forms have captured the world’s imagination:

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Best viewed from above, these works of art are done in chalk, but unlike the usual chalk art, which is scribbled on sidewalks and usually overlooked, these works of art use forced perspective techniques to transform the roads and sidewalks where they’re found. Some of the more popular examples have been turning a road into a lava-strewn path, a rickety rope bridge over a vast chasm, or an entrance to a mysterious cave.

One additional element that makes these works of art so special is their temporary nature. As chalk art in an open area, they’re susceptible to the elements and the wear that people and vehicles will cause by traveling over them. This element of fleetingness adds to the perceived value of the art for many people, who can sympathize with the concept of fading beauty in the modern world.

Kinetic Sculptures

When one thinks of sculpture, we often picture the famous statues created by classic artists such as the statue of David, or iconic sculptures by contemporary artists like the Bowling Green Bull, we picture something solid and unyielding; essentially, a static representation. Lately, however, a new trend in sculptures has been making the rounds online.

Rather than having a static figure, kinetic sculptures are defined by movement. Designed to either move or be moveable somehow, these kinetic sculptures have slowly started to gain traction in the art community, as their usually odd, eye-catching designs are a solid marriage between aesthetic and engineering.

Trash Art

Rather than art that’s trash, trash art is art that’s created from literal garbage. An odd form of recycling, this art style marries the passion for art with love for the environment as most of the materials that are used are taken from either landfills or created from materials that aren’t recyclable. Rather than letting these go to waste, they’re turned into beautiful art pieces.

One notable collection is by Portugese artist Artur Bordalo who uses trash to create animal sculptures to remind people about the effects garbage has on the environment. Another artist makes animal sculptures from metal trash salvaged from dumps. In the Philippines, there’s a street artist who uses discarded flip-flops to make figurines of characters from popular movies.

What new art style has captured your imagination? Is it a new project form a popular street artist like Banksy, or is it from a new up and coming street artist? Let us know!