Beauty In Power: Vehicles As “Living” Art

If there’s one thing that’s almost universally loved, it’s a great set of wheels. We love them for their utility, for how they help us get places faster, and how they make us feel. What I feel we don’t really appreciate is the different layers of artistry that go into the designing of a car. And I’m not just talking about the visual aspect of the vehicle. Rather, it’s the harmony of arts that turn a vehicle into a living sculpture.


Probably the easiest to appreciate, almost anybody can admire a good-looking car, which is something you should get when you book a Cannes luxury car hire. Whether you like the sleek curves of the European sports cars, the strong angles of American muscle, or the fluid outlines of Asian Manufacturers, there’s something for everybody. And the body build is just the tip of the iceberg; in addition to the stock build, manufacturers also offer a lot of customization.

Through changing stock spoilers, tires, tint, seats, and other parts to custom parts, car owners can take the visual masterpiece of the car and customize it to their personal preferences. In addition, owners can customize their vehicles with a wide range of colors, decals, and other superficial changes to suit their tastes.


While some people will insist that engineering is a science rather than an art, we at Somna think that the two are not mutually exclusive. After all, efficiency does not need to be pretty but manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz create engines that are not only top of the line, but also works of art all their own.

The significance of this must be stressed as it merges two different requirements: it must perform at the company standard, and it must be aesthetically appealing. The marriage of these two requirements really helps cement the status of these engines as works of art, one that our ancestors had only dreamed of being able to create.

Let’s not forget about the speed that some of these machines can achieve. Think about this, the engine causes vibrations which are generally bad for anything put together as the vibrations stress the parts and pretty much shake them apart. High-end cars are designed to not only reach these speeds, but also sustain them safely!


While not applicable to all vehicles, there are some makes that become distinct through the sound of their engines. Most notable here are Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris but you should also think about doing some Miami BMW tours. The same way certain artistic masters have a signature style, these machines have a signature sound that tells anybody who knows what to listen for.

What we would like to stress, however, is that louder does not mean better. In fact, we feel that vehicle owners who perforate their mufflers or alter parts (usually without regard for the structural integrity of the vehicle and the safety involved) are not only endangering themselves and others on the road, but also desecrating the works of art they’re riding.