About Us

The arts have been around every since man learned to paint on walls or bang on drums. Ever since then, it has been refined and has held significant place in many things ranging from religion to entertainment. There are some, however, who would say that art and its appreciation are a dying art. We disagree strongly with those people. It is our belief that art is only continuing what it has always done: evolving.

That’s why we decided to set up this blog. Somna. Taken from the Swedish word that means, “to pass into sleep”. We believe that as art evolves, the older styles that came before do not die out, but simply sleep until they are revived. After all, the arts in all its myriad forms have seen revivals of styles long thought gone again and again throughout history.

Our goal is to show people how rather than art dying, it is evolving, with the older styles passively waiting for their revival. This goal is twofold, however. In addition to showing those who feel that art is dying, we also want to show people that appreciation for the styles that came before is important. Evolving and moving forward is only properly done with guidance from the past.

In our blog, we’ll be talking about a wide variety of arts such as:


There are two complaints that we often hear about music: how this “new music” is nothing but noise, and how “old music” is boring. We want to show people how new music does have its merits, and how even the electronic era of music is grounded in classic, traditional rhythms. Music is one of the art forms where the old an new can meet organically and still produce something wonderful.

Visual Art

Whether done in oil paints or on a digital canvas, visual art is probably the medium that is most recognized as traditional art. On this end, we want people to see how digital art isn’t “cheating” like a lot of people seem to think it is. We want people to be able to appreciate digital art for the technique involved just as much as we want people to be able to appreciate the older techniques.

Physical Art

While this may have originally referred to art like statues, sculptures, and other ornaments, modern art has extended this medium to an unlikely medium: toys. We want to show people how some toys are becoming a great medium for art, whether through their design, how they’re made, or the purposes they serve. From statues in town squares, to bedroom shelves, physical art is everywhere.

Performing Arts

From dance, to spoken word, performance art has always been one of the most personal and dynamic of all the arts. As with most other art styles, people say that performing arts are degenerating into fields of perversion or self-indulgence. While we can’t argue with some of the more questionable performances, we believe there’s a lot of great modern performance art around today.